Age and stage of puppy

Some Important tips about the age and stage of the puppy in 2020.

Age and stage of the puppy, Every body in this world know that dog is one of the best partner in the world than the another animals that  is why you have responsibility that you keep your partner safe. Here we discuss some important tips about the dog breeds

Safe place for your dog about the age and stage of the puppy

You must keep in your mind that your favorite partner feel comfortable in your home or that place in which they live

•If your washroom lied are open then you must closed it for the safety of the dog

•Keep you’re all the useable things in safe place because they are not interfere in it

•If your dog partner have not know about the swimming and you have a pool in your Home garden then you must make a bar in around the pool for the safety of the dog

Make a vaccination Schedule for your dog about the age and stage of the puppy

Because people needs vaccination for their child health Just like that dog also needs a vaccination schedule for the dog In this way your puppy became healthy and live long life. So keep in mind about the health of the dog and talk with the animal doctor about the vaccination schedule of the Puppy. Generally in near about six weeks puppy take their first shots and after it they can get shots every three weeks even they are not go at the age of sixteen weeks old. Other dogs take their shoe Neal about one year to three year.

 A good food for the dog

For making your dog healthy you must take your dog healthy food. The age, health, weight and other activity level matter what your puppy wants to eat. For making sure the which food you choose for your dog that is registered from the American health society If yes then it is best that you choose the write food for their dog. Keep in mind that did not give the raw food to the dogs because it make health problem for their dog like many infection and harmful bacterial

Exercise for the dog:

Humans likes the exercise for the safe of their health and keep their mind fresh. Just like humans dogs are also need exercise for their health and fitness for giving the good exercise to the dogs they are always remain mantel and physically fit . for the exercise they can control many things like digging, barking, and chewing motely dog tends to go mostly when they are board. Dogs want to interact with their partner that is why choose those exercise which are perfect for you and your dogs like, Swimming, walking,, hiking, playing. 

Keep the safe teeth of the dog

Just like the people they clean their teeth in every day and they safe many disease. In this why keep clean the teeth of the dog every day. Asked to the doctor which toothpaste and tooth brush are best for the dog teeth . When you do clean the teeth of the dog then see signs likes, really bad breath, bleeding, discolored teeth,

Keep the puppy Warm and cool

 In the season of winter and summer then dogs feel the change with the change of the season then its want to get extra help to feel the comfortable and safe. In the season of hot days keep walk your dogs in under the shadow or the grass because they keep their paws safe from the hot days and insure that in hot days your puppy have the extra water and the extra space of the shadow. If your dog have any bald patches or a lot of fur then you must apply for the sunscreen. Don’t leave their puppy alone in any traffic or van. In only 10 to 15 minutes the temperature of the van can be increased from 20 to 30 minutes or may be it increase in 10 minutes. But in winter season for keeping their dog safe you must keep their dogs indoors as much as possible. For going outside of the room for must take a sweater for the dog and other warm thing which are best  for their dogs or take a short cote for the dog. Keep the dog away from the snow of the winter because it became the reason of the poison. Age and stage of the puppy

Stay away the dog from Parasites

It is best for you that talk with the doctor for preventing some winter disease like, heartworm, Flea and other parasites disease. This type of disease make your dog illness. If you are not take care your dog then it get many disease like, flea, anemia, Heartworm, lung disease and Lyme disease.

Poisoning Preparation

 IF your are not in home and your dog are eat some poison thing that can harm your dog then you must take it to the hospital or near animal poison control  or get it to the emergency clinic which are near with you. Don’t take a chance if your dog eat a little amount of chocolate. Age and stage of the puppy

Warning sign of the dog poison:

Your partner are much intelligent like the human when dog fell unhealthy they can tell you about the disease keep your eye on the dogs. If you see any change in the dog then contact with the doctor and tell all the sign about the dogs. Some sign of the dogs. Age and stage of the puppy

•           The change of eating habit

•           Some change in pee and poop

•           Voomting

•           They discharge  from the nose eyes and ears or any other part of the body

•           Some bad smell from any body part

•           Coughing

•           Weight loss

Dog age and stage:

From birth to adulthood, they go through various stages of life. Pets are dynamic. Pets grow slowly and become confident when become old. As the dog become older and older, they become restless and slow. But he still does his job. Age and stage of the puppy

How Every Stage Lasts:

Here are the some following key points of the dog

1.6 months old the dog’s life 20 months senior dog’s life is the mother and

2.       Between the two to three (2-3)year dog become mature 

3.       11 months and 20 months old start at the top to three years

Something key in your mind:

What they do not know the dog would and would not do if your dog you also should you if you behave well, you do good with it is just too good to you if not, do not expect your good conduct large and small scale large dogs are usually gradually overcome small dogs and give them gradually philosophers and some time would have full control over them the

Some different ways to help the old age dog:

You should know how we will nourish our elderly dog in the cold season if we need to take some necessary steps to protect our elderly dog from the cold, which are as follows:

1.Arrange a winter cloth to your dog

2.Good Medical

3.Arrange a worm bed for your dog

4.Get a daily dose of exercise for your dog

5. Arrange good food for them

A suitable exercise for your dog. ?

When you get to exercise the right, you will have noticed that gets tired of your old dog quickly and so that it could be you, especially when you do it for exercise in cold weather still a lot of activity use while we try dog with can be enjoyed instead you’d better go on long walks with your dog, you go to the nearest park or picnic place with his dog and a simple walk or old dog that go where you feel comfortable getting yourself or go to a beautiful  place where the cool wind blows. You and your partner dog enjoy this palace