Exercise Tips for dog

Most Benefit of the dog walking 

For giving the good health the dog you keep some important thing in your mind If you stay your dog for walking, your dog became happy and they are ready without any habitation, that is the way you know about the excitement of the dog for walking.

Even you are wondered when the dog get excited for listing about the walk for outside of the home. That is the why we discuss about the daily dog walking excitement, Here we discuss some reason about it

Some reason about the walking of the dog;

1)Physical exercise:

For giving fitness to your dog one of the best what is the daily walking of the dog. If your dog are not go out for the walk then the weight of the dog are gradually increased day by day which is not best for the dog so it becomes the reason of the disease like, Liver disease, diabetes, Fphypertenshion, So everybody know that walking is the best way for the dog.

When the dog explores anything one time, they cannot forget it in the life, when you go for walking with your dog you give some time job the dog for sniffing it Is best for mental exercise. Daily waling can improve the dog energy levels and life.

2) Great mental exercise is walking:

Your dog goes out and explores your neighborhood. They explore when they go out of the house. When the dog explores anything one time, they cannot forget it in the life, when you go for walking with your dog you give some time job the dog for sniffing it Is best for mental exercise.

 3) Waking boosts your dog confidence;

One of the best reasons for walking the dog once in a day it increase the confidence level, It boost your dog confidence, It also increase the dog structure and stability level. For giving the daily routine walk I t is the best way to keep your dog confident and happy because it has some joy and fun.

4) Socialization help: If you are, go out of with your dog it help to you for becoming socialization by exposing them to different people. If your dog is pup then the majority of socialization will increased because for showing your dog skills you introduced all the things to the people.

5) Strengthen your dog:

Another reason for walking your dog is that it is best way to enforce the bond which you have with your dog. It is one easy thing that you give your dog daily more joy and happiness. For making bonding trust is the best way with you and your partner. If you go daily with your dog then it is shown that you’re the only person you can depend and test for daily needs

when you want to go for outside many people wants that their dog partner also go with them. Yes dog is the best partner that goes with you outside for walking because he is the best and responsible partner

Is walking keep your dog healthy?

Yes if your dog go for walking with you they remain healthy like you. Walking for your dog is a positive impact in the dog or man health such as:

1) joint health

2) Body condition and weight

3)Urinary health and digestive

Weight and body condition

One of the major issues for health is obesity. But it has solution for finish this problem. If you are not go for walking it become the reason of increase the calorie For decreasing this issue walking is the best way for you and your dog 

Joint Health

Another common health problem is Immobility; It is the best way for dog and people that they always walk and go outside from the home

Urinary health and digestive

I f you go regularly outside with your dog then it regulate your digestive track, some people even dog make a schedule for walking. If you make a schedule for walking then you also take with you for routine trip. If urine system are not good then it become the more health issue  even if you go outside for walking then your urine system remain good. If your urine system is not set then you go for the doctor for resolving this issue

What are the best for dog exercise?

If you think that exercise for a dog only a health issue then you are wrong it increase day to day behavior of the dog. Particular puppies or young dog have a lot of energy, if the dog did not get the chance to use their energy then the result is destructive behavior When anybody take a dog they did not want to know about the exercise of the dog even they choose a dog which are need more exercise if they are require

How much a dog need

If your dog age are old then it need little exercise if it is have a young age then it need more and more exercise

If you have Irish terrier dog breed then it need more and more exercise thane other five year dog breed needs, if you have a sight hound.  it needs short exercise , If you have garden dog then it does not needs any exercise . If you have a golden retriever with eight or nine year dog breed then it need more exercise then the five year golden retriever. Even another dog need 30 to 60 minute exercise in daily routine life for this they remain fit and remain all the day energetic.

Some guideline   about the dog exercise:

  1. The active breeds needs a 25 to 30 minutes daily exercise or most days in a week
  2. Some dog are not need enough exercise the garden of the home example: Pugs , dog.
  3. It is not must you go with your dog for exercise in this period stay with the dog in house and teach them some tips
  4. If you go for exercise with your dog then it is must that you dog both exercise which is best for mental and physical health