Famous Chinese dog breeds in the year of 2020

Top 16 Chinese dog breeds in the world

Chinese dog breeds that arr so cute and you want to constantly cuddle them. These Chinese dog breeds originated by china and it loved all over the world Here under below we are discuss some chinese dog breeds and his name like:

  1. Bernese mountain dog
  2. Bichon Frise
  3. Blood hound
  4. Border collie
  5. Irish Setter
  6. Irish wolfhound
  7. Chinese dog breeds
  8. ShizTzus
  9. Pekingese
  10. Sharpies
  11. Chow chow
  12. Chinese Quan
  13. Kunming Wolfdog
  14. Xiasi Quan
  15. Japanies Chin
  16. Formosan Mountain Dog or Tuguo  


Properties of Chinese dog breeds

  1. It is strong and athletic
  2. Good size head
  3. Long hair
  4. High set
  5. Long triangular ears
  6. He is very energetic
  7. He is very intelligent
  8. It is lovely and loveable dog
  You can find huge chinese dog breeds with majestic coats, short coated, medium size, chinese dog have lot off temperament  and good character.one of the best dog breeds is Chinese Sher-pie dog which are mostly loving dog and many people adopted this type of dog in china and all america. Around all over the world or maybe in china in 1900s Communist ban within china though all they escaped from the virus
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 Some of the dog breeds are represented the american kennel club most lovely dog re found into this club if you live in America or other country than you can get you favorite partner any time and any where of the world 


Bernese mountain dog


Weight: Males: 79 to 116 pounds, Female: 69 to 96 pounds

Size: Large

Height: Male: 24 to 28 inches, Female: 22 to 27 inches

Coat: Medium

Color: Black, White, Rust tri color marking their

Energy: Low

Activities: Rally, Tracking, Hunting, Conformation, Field trials

Characteristics: Bernese body is sturdy, He have sweet temperament, It is built to work, Bernese dog is a large breed, he have big brown eyes


He is ideal for the child,  patient for the child , It is not an outdoor dog, He loves going to outdoor adventure, He is smart and eager

Lifespan: 6 to 10 years

Bichon Frise

Weight : 11 to 19 lbs

Size: Small

Height: 10 t0 11 inches

Coat: Medium

Color:  Cream , Apricot, White, Shedding of buff

Energy: Medium

Activities: Rally, Tracking, Hunting, Conformation, Field trials

Charactrestic:  Require regular exercise, This have excellent family companion, Bichons have Gentle mannered,  bechons are affectionate and sensitive,


Blood hound

Weight : Male: 90 to 195 pounds, Female: 80 t099 pounds

Size: Large

Height: Male 24 to 28 inches, Females 22 to 24 inches

Coat:  Short

Color:  Black, Liver, Tan, Red

Energy: Low to medium

Activities: Rally, Tracking, Hunting, Conformation, Field trials, Search and rescue

Charactrestic: Used for criminal searches, Used for rescue efforts, Bloodhound are affectionate and docile, this is a good family dog,


Border Collie

Weight : Males 29 t0 46 pounds; Female: 26 to 43 pounds

Size: Medium

Height: Male, 18 t0 23 inches, Female, 17 to 22 inches

Coat: Medium/Long

Color:  Brindle, Gold, White, Red, red-merle, Sable, sable-merle, Slate and seal, Black, Blue

Energy: High

Activities: Rally, Tracking, Hunting, Conformation, Field trials


Intelligence, Good working ability, He is a workaholic He loves cuddle, He loves to settle down, He is a brilliant dog, He is balanced and durable, He is a high enenrgy, high drive  dog, he need little bit exercise, Border collies easily traind, excel in herding events



11 to 16 years



 Irish Setter

Weight: Males: at least 65 pounds

Female: at least 60 pounds

Size: Large

Height: Males: 24 inches

Females: 22 inches

Coat: Medium/ Long

Color: Red, orange

Energy: High


Agility, Field Trail, Hunting Tests

Irish Wolfhound

Coat: Medium

Weight: Males: 125 lbs, Females: 105 lbs

Size: Giant

Height: 25 to 35 inches

 Colors: White, fawn,  red, black, brindle, grey

Energy: Medium

Activities: Conformation, Obedience, Rally Agility

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