Most favorite Giant dog breeds in (2020)

Giant dog breeds are most love able dog breeds some time Giant dog breeds are described as a breeds whose weight are exceeds to 45 kilograms. it’s a lovely dog Some details and his name of Giant dog breeds are listed below:

We are described some properties for the giant dog breeds which are written below

Properties of giant dog breeds

Giant dog breeds are very large than other dog breeds

  1. It always used as a guard dog
  2. It used as a working animals and trusted companies in centuries across all over the world
  3. Giant dog breeds are gentle and affectionate
  4. Giant dog breeds are very gentle with the children and other family members
  5. It has muscular body and smooth
  6. It is used as a guard defender family for rescue to the other people or animals
  7. It have weight more than 45 or 60 Kilo-grams

All of them are know that all the dogs are come in two or three size like small, medium, but some of them are have large size It also know to be a Giant dog breeds . As we know some of the dog breeds are heavy due to their weight but some dog breeds are very low weight because it is small the large dog breeds . For taking as a guard then I recommend you the Large dog breeds no one else

Color: Black, Blue, White etc

Height: 27 to 32 inches

Weight: 150 to 175 pounds

Some Giant dog breeds names

  1. Australian shepherd
  2. Besengi
  3. Bwagle
  4. Basset hound
  5. Gray hound
  6. Great dane
  7. Giant dog breeds
  8. Saint Bernard
  9. Irish Wolf-hound
  10. Mastiff
  11. Newfoundland
  12. Great Dane
  13. Great Pyrenees
  14. Leonberger
  15. Bernese Mountain Dog
  16. Great Swiss Mountain Dog
  17. Black Russian terrier

Australian Shepherd


  • 34 to 46 lbs


Male: 18 to 22 inches

Female:  17 to 20 inches

Size: Medium


Color:  Blue or Red speckle


  • Tracking
  • Obedience
  • Rally obedience
  • Herding
  • Agility


Weight :

Male: 21 t0 26 lbs Female: 19 t0 24 lbs

Size: Small

Height: Male near about 17 to 18 inches and Female near about 14 to 16 inches

Coat: Short

Color: Brindle, Black, Tricolor, Chestnut, All color have white feet, Chest and Tall trip

Energy: High

Activities: Obedience, Lure coursing, Conformation, Hunting Tests, Field Trials, Agility


Weight : 17 to 36 pounds

Size: Small to Medium

Height: 12 to 16 inches tall

Coat: Short

Color: Redtick, Blue, Lemon, Brown, White, red, Tan, Black, Combination of black, Tric-color

Energy: Medium

Activities: Rally, Tracking, Hunting, Conformation, Field trials

Temperament: Smart, Energetic, Affectionate

Characteristics: Great family dog, Lovable, Adorable face, HAPPY dog, Companionable, Love able dog who love the company of the other dog, they feel happiness when they are join in company,  Beagle are very energetic, It needs specific exercise it depends on their age ans health, They are love to play game


Life spam: 10 to 16 year

Basset Hound

Weight : 44 to 66 pounds

Size: Medium

Height:  Near About 16 inches

Coat:  Short

Color: Black, Tan and white, Whit, Brown, white and tan, Black and white, Lemon and white, Mahogany and white, Whit and red

Energy: Low

Activities: Rally, Tracking, Hunting, Conformation, Field trials

Characteristics: Long, Soulful eyes and dropy ears, Short legs, Longer body, Move effortlessly, Not fast

Life spam: 11 to 13 years


Size: Large


Male: 60 t0 70 pounds, Females: 55 to 65 pounds

Height: 20 t0 30 inches at the shoulders

Coat: Short

Color: Any type

Energy: Medium

Activities: Running, Tracking,obedience,Hunting,Lure Coursing, Conformation,Agility


Great Dane


Male: 140 to 175 pounds Female: 100 to 146 pounds

Size: Giant

Height: 27 to 30 inches

Coat: Short

Energy: Height

Activities: Obedience, Rally, Agility

Characteristics: He is a giant dog, He make him identical with the family, He is a friendly, Patient, dependable, He is gentle, loving, He always like sports,weightpulls flayball, tracking events


6 to 10 years

Colors:  Black, Blue,harlequin,mantle,fawn, brindle

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